2 January 2012

Happy New Year. Happy New Sare?

The first one is definite, it's 2012. The second, well, I am working on it.

Welcome! A Fresh start? A new chance to regain my life, a new chance to refuel and re-establish WHO I am and what I want from life. But more than all of that is my determination to see leaving 2011 behind as a chance to CLOSE the chapter on that part of my life and start writing the new chapters, the chapters leaving Ana behind and the chapters where the lead (yes, that's me) hopefully turns in to the heroin and the bad guy (Yes, that's Ana) is killed. For good.

But whatever 2012 brings, my intentions are to 


I am trying to NOT set unrealistic resolutions which I can't ever reach, that only give my ED chance to beat me up if I can't live up to my standards.  I am not expecting the world. I am trying to accept that 2012 can't and won't be perfect from start to finish but what I am doing is not looking backwards. 

..to hopeful Health and hopeful Happiness. Cheers!


  1. One of the biggest things they kept repeating when I was in treatment was that goals should be not only things you could easily monitor (aka not vague things such as "purging less") but also tangible. Set yourself up for a success that's achievable with only some discomfort... make it a realistic goal... so I FULLY agree with you on that.

    I also love the idea of clean slate. 2011 is over. done. Move onward.... I like that.

  2. I love this post ;)

    And I can't wait to see what 2012 brings to all of us girls fighting for our lives!!! I know it's going to be beautiful <3