Poetry, creative writing and art play a big part in a lot of people's recovery.

Expression though creativity can inspire yourself and others to keep battling disordered thoughts and is a way of coping with daily battles during recovery.

Poems, letters, collages and drawings can be a way of facing your eating disorder, habits, worries and self esteem and working out ways in which to find strength to fight them.

This is a collection of my own poems, drawings and artwork and creativity from others who have recovered or on the same journey. Please share your own artistic journey as well....

POEM: It's Always Been You

It’s you, it’s always been you
Inside my brain
Making me compare
Causing my pain
The frustration inside
The signs
The symptoms
The thoughts
It's you isn't it?
That makes me compare
That tells me I'm know good
That knife in the back
I thought you understood
The guilt
The shame
The food
The blame
It's always been you
Hearing your voice
That's not new.
The way you attack
Your plan for me
You waited so long
For them to see.
My need for perfection
My desire for control
Your need for power
My weakened soul
My dreams and life
You rip in two
And to Think I believed
And put my trust in you


A radio feature I produced in 2006 when I was studying at university..about Hollywood and Body Image. 

 POEM: I Wish 

I wish I knew a way out
A way to gain and grow
I didn't want this life
The thoughts
But how was I to know?
I didn't want to be this way
To lose everything I had
My house, my job
My dreams my goals
To feel so lost and sad.
I wanted to be perfect
And happy in my skin
The thing I wish
I knew before
And believed today,
is that
Happy isn't thin.

Inspirational Song 

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts. This song means so much to me during my recovery. I listen to it every time I am on my way to therapy. A friend said, without me mentioning it to her, that it makes her think of me too, and that means a lot. It helps me remind myself that my eating disorder is destructive and not worth letting back in.... I hope you can relate to it too. It's a beautiful song...


Thinking. Food. Anorexia 

The thinking

The eating

The making

                It All

The planning

The cooking
The eating
                I Stall

This meal
The next
The one after
                I Plan

Add more
Eat less
Eat nothing
                I Can

The structure
The control
The power
                I Crave

My soul
My sense
My body
                I Gave

And Head

The game
The rules
Your life
                So Strict

The buying
The craving
The changing
                To Control

                                                And Soul.