About Me

Hey, What's Up?

Dream. Recover. Live is a space for me to do just that.

I am 30. I am a broadcast journalist. I suffer with mental health issues.

After battling for most of my life with disordered eating, phobias, anxiety and low self-esteem I am in recovery and therapy for anorexia nervosa and using my blog to share my journey through recovery.

I believe there is a time and place for everything and a rhyme and reason for things happening. I believe in fate and I believe you can carve your own journey through life.

I am starting to believe there is a pathway out of eating disorders. Every day the path gets less covered in leaves and the fog surrounding life without these thoughts clears.

There is a reason people suffer from them and there are more reasons why people recover.

It fascinates me how everyone's experiences of eating disorders are so personal but so similar, the thoughts the same, the worries so alike, but the illnesses make you feel like you are so alone.

I hope hope though this blog that you will realise you are not alone and that it's amazing to Dream, Recover and Live.


Behind every recovery is a team of professionals, friends, family and above all YOU

These are the people that will most likely be mentioned throughout this blog. This is team 'me.'

Me and...
Ms. W. - My former Care Plan coordinator / ED Clinic Lead Therapist
Dr. B - My NEW therapist and former Family Therapist 
Miss. F. - My ED Clinic Dietitian 
Ms. N - My psychotherapist 
Dr. C - My GP
Dr. Blood - The ED Clinic phlebotomist 
D - Mother 
E - Father 
K - Step-Mother
C - Brother 
N - Big Sister 
E - Little Sister 

Recovery Ninjas and Warriors - The girls on Twitter and text who offer endless support