21 October 2011

Eating Disorders, OCD & Anxiety

This week's video from one of my favourite Recovery Warriors, Arielle, is relevant to the way in which my anxiety, OCD and ED work together. How one (or two) can lead to, be a result of, and maintain the other(s).

I have suffered from OCD and Anxiety most of my life but only been diagnosed with anorexia in my twenties. My ANX and OCD have always surrounded body image, food, will-power and control. Through lots of therapy and support I manage to control my OCD and ANX, but find it hard to control my ED.

It's hard to separate the three and try and figure out if my anxieties and obbsessions with food, health, calories, weight and body were always an ED or whether these teamed with my perfectionism, self esteem and control issues lead to my anorexia.

Which ever way round it is, the three have a massive impact of my life and all three are hard to overcome.

Click the links above this or below to watch the video on Arielles website.

Arielle says;

"Actively Arielle: A Voice With A Commitment: Eating Disorders, OCD, and Anxiety: This week I discuss these 3 and how they are linked. I also discuss ways of dealing with anxiety, and disclose a bit of personal information..."


  1. I definitely found that my ED fueled my anxiety. When I didn't have control of my eating, nothing felt in control, and my anxiety took over. You're so right that it's all related. Yay to you for fighting all three monsters!


  2. i have noticed throughout my recovery that when i am struggling MORE with the ed - my anxiety and OCD issues are more prevelant and out of control. i hever really linked the three together until a few years ago. But when all three are in the driver's seat with me... watch out! when the ed isn't controling my life, the other two calm down a bit - but are still there - but they don't seem as bad. it seems like they all feed on each other for me. i am learning how to manage all of them (which can be a battle and exhausting) but through other coping skills and behaviors i am learning to not allow those things to be in the driver's seat.