7 October 2011

Don't Believe EVERYTHING you THINK...

I have the destructive habit of taking MY OWN opinion of me, my body, my life and now my recovery and ignoring everyone else's views.

The biggest problem is that I always come out bottom.

Weightless blog wrote about this today and how cognitive distortions can lead to negative emotions and contribute to eating disorders. They defined cognitive distortions as as “a biased way of thinking about oneself or one’s environment, including one’s body image, weight or appearance”

This relates directly to the work I am doing at clinic on' rewiring' my thoughts and learning to accept that MY perception is not always right. In fact, it is usual wrong, especially if I partake in my habit of dispelling all the evidence around me to ensure I maintain my OWN view of myself.

At the end of their post they ask... Which of these cognitive distortions do you relate to most?
The answer...I can relate to all of them, too well. They are all too familiarly and exactly what I am working on in recovery at the moment. I couldn't pick one that I do more than another, and they are SO destructive. To break these cognitive distortions will to break free from my eating disorder.

This is especially destructive when I have ALWAYS compared my self unfavourably to everyone around me. It's a habit I need to break if I am to be completely free from Ana.

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