25 September 2011

My Recovery Commandments

Just because it's Sunday and there are certain things that I really need to pledge to myself if I am going to beat Ana. These are the things that I promise myself, they are the things I am so positive about when I am sat in the chair at clinic, and then fail to achieve on a daily basis.  These are my Recovery Commandments which I'm going to attempt to pledge and keep this week. I'm sure a lot of you feel this too.

1) I shall meet my daily calorie targets, not get 'close' and be content
2) I shall remember that 'restoring' weight is restoring health
3) 'Normal Eaters' eat when they're hungry. I need to as well
4) I shall make sure food choice are mine not 'Ana's'
5) I shall be honest about my intake, for better or worse.
6) I shall try and release some control every day
7) I shall not snap at people who are trying to help me recover
8) I shall remind myself what I am living and eating for. Life
9) I shall not time my meals, obsess about other choices or count when eating
10) I shall silence Ana when she speaks

If I can do ANY of these on a daily basis and maybe even ALL of them one day - I know I'll be a step closer to recovery and being free of my phobias, anxieties, OCDS & most of all free from Ana.

1 comment :

  1. Another Sunday. Another chance to make these commandments work for the coming week *PLEASE!*