24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Recovery Ninjas

I WILL make this weekend my Christmas, not Ana's. I will try and be AWARE and I will try and take some time for me. I WONT restrict, just stick to my MP and treat it like any other day. Just with presents and sprouts.

I am going to try to;

-Relax and be mindful
-Not attempt to control the day
-Stick to my MP and structure 
-Allow myself an extra snack each day
-Take ME time to journal
-Smile and be Sarah. 

My big challenge is a spoonful of CHRISTMAS PUDDING. I want to make Ms. F (and myself) proud. I need to give my body what it wants, be mindful and enjoy time with the people around me, not my ED. We talked about it in yesterday's session and she said she'd love to hear next week that I did it. 

The ONLY thing standing between me and a delicious pudding is ANOREXIA. I can do it. 

I know I am anxious, but I know I am determined to not let my ED destroy me and my Christmas day. But I am struggling, it is hard and I know it is hard for all #recoveryninjas out there. We can do this, right?

Merry Christmas. Be thankful for what WE DO HAVE, we have LIFE....bring on 2012...

See you on the other side Recovery Warriors....


  1. I see wonderful, bright things for all of us warriors in 2012! Merry Christmas to you!


  2. i LOVE this post! and I know you can have all of this! 2012 is going to be a great and wonderful year for you and for all of us! i hope your holidays go well and you are able to have a bite of the pudding! I believe in you! show ana that you are stronger! ; )

  3. You are right. We can all do this. My big challenge is ice-cream today. I hope you enjoy your pudding!