14 December 2011

Body Checking: Part II

I wanted to share a video from the lovely Arielle Bair (click her name to visit her blog!) from her Wednesday Warrior series on the WeRFreEDomFighters channel about Body Checking and Mirrors because it definitely helps me remember that BODY CHECKING is an ED behaviour which can be as destructive to my recovery as getting on the scales, counting calories or restricting my intake.

I am going to remind myself and watch this video all week to help fight this part of my recovery. 


  1. I like what she says about being aware when you are not in the right state of mind to accurately judge what you see in the mirror. That's totally me right now. I can feel my mind tricking me into seeing fat and imperfections that just aren't there.

    I will watch this again too!


  2. thanks for posting this! so important and such a battle when it comes to the ed. Body checking (there are soooo many forms of it) can keep us stuck in the ed cycle but we need to learn the steps it takes to break free from it. We deserve to love our bodies and accept our bodies the way they are meant to be and to let go of the hatred and control... it's sooooo hard but I know YOU can do it! I know we ALL can do it! <3