15 October 2011

Disagree & Disobey

I am currently reading Jenni Shaefer's amazing book 'Life Without Ed' which Ms. W suggested I read.

Jenni talks about her divorce from a horrible marriage to 'Ed' - I see recovery from my eating disorder and breaking ties with a destructive best friend 'Ana'....I am halfway through the book and so far its the only book I have been able to relate to during my 'road to recovery'.....the one bit of wisdom I NEED to take on board this week.....

During recovery I will learn to 'DISAGREE' with Ana's rules, her habits and her opinions. I can already do this bit. However, the next bit is the one I am still struggling with - DISOBEYING her. I love my post-it note placed strategically in the chapter. Let's hope it follows me to the kitchen....

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