22 January 2012

I'm still fighting...

...I am here, I am still fighting, I am still trying to beat this.


  1. and you will...

    be gentle with yourself... always.

    and remember that it's okay to feel during this process... it's okay, because you're doing something hard... incredibly hard... but you're doing it anyway - which is amazing.

  2. I was seriously just thinking last night about how you haven't posted in a while. I'm glad you're still fighting the fight! We're all in your corner, girl. One day at a time.


  3. I've been SO RUBBISH at posting - my concentration is all over the place. I will do an update later....I've been more flowing with thought and less analytical so nothing would have made sense you know?

    But I am still here, still doing the right things and trying to WIN challenges and battles!

    Hope you're all well? Promise I wont be so bad at posting!