11 January 2012

Raising Money for BEAT

Please help support BEAT, the UK's Eating Disorder's charity and sponsor my oldest and best friend Natalie Armitage and her brother Dan Armitage running the HELLRUNNER race in under a month....https://www.justgiving.com/teamarmitage2012 It takes two minutes and I KNOW you'll all agree it's an amazing cause and they'll pretty HARDCORE running this one.beat: fundraising to beat eating disorders

She has chosen to support BEAT to help support my recovery and in an emotional car trip she asked if I minded, of course I dont. I find it inspiring and amazing that she wants to help me along the way. I am becoming more and more passionate about changing attitudes towards eating disorders and body image and KNOW every little helps.

PLUS! I am going to SMASH my scales at the after party too. Destructive fun! Cupcakes for all!!! ♥

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