7 December 2011

I Wish...

I wish I didn't have to fight
I wish I could fix it all
I wish I didn't cause pain
I wish I wasn't here
I wish I had more
I wish I didn't get in the way
I wish I could cope
I wish I knew
I wish I could make it all better
I wish I didn't feel like this
I wish I was who I could be
I wish I wasn't a burden
I wish I had my independence again
I wish I never listened
I wish I was stronger
I wish I was in control
I wish I was perfect
I wish I was content
I wish I was happy
I wish I could make them happy
I wish I didn't care
I wish I knew
I wish things were different

I just wish.


  1. You are fighting
    You have enough
    You are valued
    You can cope
    You are making progress
    You are learning
    You are special
    You give so much
    You will move forwards
    You can choose
    You are strong
    You are in control
    You are recovering
    You will be happy
    You bring joy
    You do know
    You will see change

    I just know.

  2. I love Piglet's response... a lot.

    But, because I think you're worth more than a "what she said"

    I wish you weren't in pain
    I wish you weren't in a constant fight
    I wish you didn't think you caused pain
    I KNOW you are enough.
    I KNOW you are capable of so much
    I KNOW you will be so much stronger without an eating disorder

    I KNOW you can do this