23 November 2011

Running, Recovering and Raising Awareness

There are some people that really just are complete positive influences in recovery.

For me, one of them is one of my oldest, best and closest friends, Natalie,  who is constantly there in person (and on Twitter) to pick me up and keep me facing in the right direction for recovery...

We were in the car one afternoon on the way home from a shopping trip and were talking about her training for the infamous Hell Runner - HELL IN THE MIDDLE - race and asked if there was a charity she could run for that would support me and my recovery.

Not your average race...

I wanted to chose BEAT so that everyone who is directly affected by the devastating effects of eating disorders can benefit from increased awareness, education and understanding of eating disorders. I know I went to BEAT to get as much information as I could to find the support I am now getting in recovery.

It's only by donations and funding that BEAT can keep doing what they are doing and it is important there is money to fund research into treatment and even prevention of eating disorders. They help support suffers, families, carers and provide education on eating disorder. They're basically fab.

We want to try and raise £2000 to reflect the healthy average number of calories women mine and Natalie's age should be eating. A far cry from the amount I restricted to when I was at my worst.

For every training run, for every early morning, for every time she pushes through the pain barriers, the cold weather and find the motivation to train, I have promised to find the same strength, attitude and motivation to follow my meal plans and to keep positive about my recovery.

PLEASE sponsor her and her younger brother (who is also helping raise money for BEAT) and help raise awareness of eating disorders and support those who find the courage to ask for help...

SPONSOR NATALIE HERE  or click on the widget!

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