31 May 2013

Recovery Sharks

In a 'perfect' world, the 'Recovery Ocean' would be clear and simple to swim. But we all know there is no perfect world and this ocean's one of the most terrifying out there.

So by choosing recovery, we're swimming an ocean full of challenges, fear, other people attempting the same excruciating swim as us. We're met with never-ending waves of danger and decisions.

But ultimately those dangers are there, whether we're swimming or not, although by treading water in an ocean of fear we're not escaping. We're still at risk of sinking, or being caught.

So, say, while treading water, you're suddenly surrounded by sharks. 

Now what?

Sharks ahead, sharks behind. 

Which ever way I choose to swim, it feels like a risk, a danger. But there's a big difference between those two schools of sharks that have suddenly surrounded me;

If I swim back to shore, the anorexic sharks I thought I'd out-swam are there.

They will circle, trap and devour me. 

They know my fear, they feed off it. There will be no escape.

I'll be dragged backwards, downwards 

                            screaming to the bottom of the dark ocean. 

But if I choose to swim ahead? 

Of, course, I can see the other sharks, they look equally as fierce, I've not come across them before.

It is going to take some real courage to swim on, face them and keep my calm.

But if keep swimming, eventually they'll part and let me through. 

The recovery sharks will realise MY strength and courage and they'll not smell my fear.

If I swim forward, the ocean will eventually clear.

I'll be able to see around me, enjoy the crystal-clear waters with the other swimmers who've pushed past the fears, dangers and shark and I'll be able to come up for air, I'll be able to breathe.

But it's going to mean initially facing those equally terrifying recovery sharks and swimming through them.

It's going to take everything I've got, it's going to mean seeing past the immediate fear, it's going to take focusing on what's waiting for me in the warm, calm and clear Recovery Bay.

And my god, the water is beautiful isn't it? 

1 comment :

  1. I feel as though im treading water but slowly floating back to anorexic sharks because my body's full of chunks cut out of my from trying to get to recovery and stopping in the middle of all the other sharks. I dont know how much more i can take before im eaten up