10 January 2013

Remind me why I'm recovering?

Welcome to my 100th post....

We all need reminding from time to time, why the HELL we're dragging ourselves through HELL (Let's be honest, recovery is bloody hard!) to fight our demons, never more so for me than now.

It's safe to say I'm in a rut and have been for the past 3 months, I  need to remind myself of all the reasons it's worth the pain and heartache...Here are my 13 reasons for 2013.

1) To learn who I am and what I actually love
2) To have loving relationships with friends and family
3) To truly BE okay, when I am say I am.
4) To look forward to events / parties / social situations, rather than dread them.
5) To have a husband and family of my own
6) To not feel guilt and regret
7) To be a good role model for my nieces and nephews
8) To make MYSELF proud
9) To embrace my career (without so much fear)
10) To feel 'enough'
11) To accept me, for me and not compare negatively.
12) To fix my liver and health.
13) To not waste my life with numbers

To be FREE


  1. I am so happy that i stumbled across this post. I am in a rut too at the moment and you have no idea how much this has inspired me to keep going with recovery. Thank you!!!xxx

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog, as I can so relate to the things you write. I am dragging myself out of a rut too, and I am in that not-quite-well but not at immediate risk (or any risk? Not sure if that's my e.d mind justifying itself!). In some ways, I think recovery becomes more difficult as we move on, because we have to find reasons to fight for our emotional well being and happiness, rather than it being all about the physical danger. Keep going. You deserve freedom, health and happiness, and to see your dreams become reality, and all anorexia will do is steal that. You can do it and I am confident that you will. Thank you for sharing! x x